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Premier Global Supplier

GST AutoLeather - GST / Seton / Cuinba has over 200 years of combined service to the automotive industry. When it comes to automotive leather interiors, you need a partner who offers innovative solutions - a company that can deliver a quality product, on time, and on budget, while continually driving down costs. You need a supplier who can add value through assembly solutions and who is willing to integrate into your production processes. You need a supplier with an unwavering dedication to three core principles:

  • Product innovation
  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Global Footprint - Optimal value and logistic advantage

Finally, there is nothing artificial or synthetic produced at GST - only authentic REAL leather! Over time leather has remained as one of the most trusted and valued products across all industries. Long before it was the “right thing to do” leather has been one of the greatest recycleable, eco friendly stories in the world.